The first solar E-bike

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Who am I ?


I am much more than an electric bike...

I am the first autonomous electric bike in energy.

What ? How it's possible ?


It’s possible with solar energy. I am equipped with high efficiency photovoltaic cells on my frame and wheels. I charge automatically, both at the stop and in motion thanks to the sun. In case of need, you can also charge me like a classic electric bike using an electric socket.

Why ?


Using solar energy to charge my batteries increase hugely the range compared to a classical electric bike.You can use me to ride for kilometers without charging.


Incredible isn't it ?

Move more easily and peacefully. No need to think about recharging the battery of your bike, the sun takes care of it! You can gain up to 50km of autonomy per day depending on the exposure.

Because I care about the planet, I want you to use the most out of the solar power to your everyday ride. 

When ?


I am soon available. 
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Meet the Team

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press corner

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Une invention prometteuse… et made in France.

Une première mondiale que l’on pourrait chevaucher dès 2020…

Le premier véhicule solaire à rouler propre dans nos villes

Pédaler sans forcer… grâce au soleil.

Grâce à la recharge solaire, le cycliste peut gagner jusqu’à 40 km d’autonomie par jour.

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